Xiaomi Redmi 4 review: This bill phone is forward of a competition

Xiaomi’s Redmi array has altered a expectations of what a bill phone should offer, during slightest in India. So it’s not startling to see a association launch one Redmi phone after another this year. The Mi phones are coming, promises Xiaomi, yet for now a mantra for success is Redmi, Redmi and some some-more Redmi.

The latest is a Redmi 4 smartphone that outlines a lapse of a bill array with a starting price of Rs 6,999. This time, however, there’s a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage chronicle as well. We got a Redmi 4 section with 3GB RAM+32GB storage for review. So does a Redmi 4 live adult to a expectations? Here’s a review.

Specifications: 5-inch HD arrangement |Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor during 1.4 Ghz |3GB RAM+32GB storage (expandable) | 13MP behind camera with PDAF, LED peep + 5 MP front camera | 4100 mAh battery | Android M with MIUI 8

Price: Rs 8,999 for a 3GB RAM+32GB storage

Redmi 4

Redmi 4 sports a steel unibody design, only like a Redmi Note 4. In fact, it is satisfactory to call this a mini Redmi Note 4. It’s good to see Xiaomi deliver a matte black various during this cost point, however a phone is disposed to picking adult dust, fingerprint smudges on a back.

The volume rockers and energy symbol are on a right side, a SIM tray on a left side. It has receiver lines during a tip and bottom on a behind of a phone. The camera lens is tucked divided orderly in one dilemma with a LED peep placed before it. The fingerprint scanner is during a back.

Xiaomi has combined twin speakers during a bottom, and there’s a micro-USB pier during a bottom of a phone. There’s potion all over a front, along with a front camera on top. Yes, this one still has a 3.5mm headphone jack on top, yet you’ll have to squeeze a headphones separately.

Given a 5-inch form cause this is compact, and will fit in your jeans pocket. Also we can simply use this smartphone with one hand. we would contend this is one of a nicest-looking inclination we can get for Rs 6,999. However, removing a cover is a contingency for this phone.

What’s good?

Redmi 4 has 5-inch HD fortitude display, and while 720p competence be a bummer, it works flattering good for this shade size. You can review simply on this, even in splendid sunlight. For video consumption, this is a some-more than excusable arrangement deliberation a price.

Battery is a prominence of a Redmi 4. It will simply final some-more than a day with complicated usage. we didn’t have to assign this phone on daily basis. For many bill phone buyers, this is a vital service point. In a PCMark battery test, it scores around 12 hours plus.

But yes, charging this one takes some time. we used this phone as WiFi hotspot to set adult another, many some-more costly phone and even yet Redmi 4 was underneath 40 per cent, it lasted a whole day. The battery saver choice is another underline in the phone that you can rest on to extend your phone’s usage. Even with underneath 6 per cent charge, it managed to final a 40-minute float  back home.

For a bill phone, I’d contend this is impressive. we used this phone with a 4G SIM card.

Performance of a Redmi 4 is positively above normal when we review it with other phones in identical cost range. Benchmarks scores competence not be that high, yet a 3GB RAM chronicle we got can hoop multitasking easily. If your vital points of expenditure are YouTube, Facebook, and a rest of a amicable media apps, this phone is some-more than enough. Side note: You can run games like Asphalt 8, etc on this, yet there is a conspicuous loiter during times.

Coming to a camera, Redmi 4 has 13MP behind camera, that manages to get some unequivocally good shots when a light is proper. It is discerning to focus, yet HDR formula take some time to routine and a colours don’t demeanour so bad. The low-light opening is not terrible, deliberation this is a bill phone. However, cinema do have sound on a edges, that is tough to miss.

The fingerprint scanner is now customary opposite all storage options and it works flattering accurately many of a time. Redmi 4 runs a MIUI8 on Android M and we get facilities like twin WhatsApp and twin Facebook Messenger.  I like how Xiaomi’s UI will put all a irritating SMSes underneath a notifications tab, rather than flooding your inbox with them. These neat tricks make a MIUI8 indeed some-more useful than a lot of other ‘customised UIs’ in a market.

So what’s not good?

This phone is still using Android M. Now Xiaomi has betrothed an Android Nougat build, yet they certain could have launched a phone with a latest build. After all, Android O is already here.

The low-light opening is still distant from perfect. Colours like red tend to demeanour cleared out in some of a photos. Also in splendid sunlight, it’s tough to figure out how a final design will demeanour like during times.

The phone tends to feverishness adult during times, generally when we leave it for charging for someday or are personification games for a unequivocally prolonged time. However, this is not a vital problem, and not something that would daunt use of a phone.

Should we buy?

Xiaomi Redmi 4 is for those users, who wish prolonged battery life, and a phone that works only right but profitable over Rs 10,000. I’d contend this phone has a advantage over Redmi 4A since a battery will final we many more, and for Indian users this is a essential cause to keep in mind.

Plus a 5-inch form cause means this will interest to those who don’t like large displays, and wish a device that simply fits in their breathe pockets. Get a Redmi 4 if you’ve been on a surveillance for a new bill smartphone. But if we wish to compensate more, a marketplace has other options as well, including Redmi Note 4, Moto G5 Plus, and others.

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