Apple now sells an iPhone dongle with a headphone jack and charging port


It took an whole year after a recover of a iPhone 7 for Apple to start offered a dongle that lets we block in headphones (or your car’s AUX cable) and assign during a same time. But now it’s here. Apple is usually offered a thing, mind we — not creation it. In September, Belkin sensitively announced a new, second chronicle of a “Rockstar” adapter that now includes both a 3.5mm jack and Lightning port. Last year’s chronicle had dual Lightning ports, so if we wanted to use connected headphones with it, we had to block Apple’s possess headphone dongle into another dongle. Going double-dongle is bad adequate on a laptop, though on a phone?! Good grief.

A few days ago we motionless to flare out a absurd $34.95 that Belkin and Apple are charging for this cosmetic adapter, that is indeed $5 cheaper than a Lightning-only model. we did so with hostility given a strange product has gotten unequivocally so-so patron reviews and is mostly criticized for a bad trustworthiness and hapless disfavour with Apple’s possess iPhone battery case.

So far, this new one is operative as approaching it to. The adapter does indeed concede we to listen to song by headphones and assign your iPhone during a same time. Audio opening is identical to Apple’s adapter; remember that a headphone DAC is built into these adapters themselves rather than a iPhone.

But this is a many bigger dongle than a one that comes enclosed with your iPhone, so it’s going to demeanour ungainly and stupid if you’re regulating it out in public. Maybe you’re someone unfazed by that! And if you’re gripping it in your car, it’s easy adequate to omit what a thing looks like. Just be wakeful that it doesn’t have a same turn of flex as Apple’s $10 headphone adapter given a wire is thicker. we wouldn’t try tortuous it unequivocally far.

Unlike a chronicle with dual Lightning ports, there will be no double-dongling with this adapter. You can’t use it as a headphone splitter. Belkin records that a Lightning connector is usually for syncing and charging. If we block Apple’s dongle or Lightning EarPods into it, zero happens. In fact, a iPhone will keep personification audio out of a speakers until headphones are connected to a 3.5mm jack.

This also means that some Lightning accessories (like outmost microphones) won’t work with it, so if you’re a musician or audio pro anticipating to use it as an extender for an iPad in a massive case, this isn’t going to do that. The adapter doesn’t yield a required information for those devices.


I’m roughly positively going to lapse a new Rockstar soon. we frequently stagger by Bluetooth headphones, and even when I’ve got usually my reliable (wired) $13 Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds with me, there’s frequency a conditions where we feel so austere about concurrently charging my phone and listening to song that we would find it to be value a $35 accessory. This in some ways a ideal iPhone dongle, though it still comes with a same side sip of violation as other dongles. But if you’ve been stranded with a chaotic, double-dongle setup in your automobile for a past few months, expelling one of those adapters competence unequivocally good clear a Rockstar’s costly price. You can find cheaper, off-brand adapters that do a same thing on Amazon, though if they don’t have a Made for iPhone seal, some of those competence stop operative with destiny iOS updates.

I still unequivocally skip a headphone jack. But I’m removing by but one. And but dongles for a many part.

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