The red U11 is HTC’s phoenix phone


There was once a time, before Samsung’s duration arise to a tip of a smartphone sales charts, when HTC was a heading dignitary among Android phone makers. The Taiwanese association was initial to have a 4.3-inch screen, initial to have an aluminum unibody phone, and was simply a best when it came to pattern and refinement. The HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Incredible, and Sensation were standard-setting inclination even before we got a undying HTC One X. HTC was a Apple of a Android world, or during slightest a closest analog we had.

But a past few years have not been as cultivatable for HTC, that has constructed a array of pleasing disappointments. This year’s U Ultra was another collection of bad ideas, and we was only about prepared to acknowledge to myself that HTC would never again lapse to a stately position of leadership. And afterwards this burning red U11 landed on my desk.

I call it red, nonetheless this sold several of a HTC U11 — strictly branded as Solar Red — is improved described as carrying a tone of fire. It’s never one singular stain of anything: there are yellows, pinks, several tones of orange, all dancing opposite a behind potion cover in response to a light. The steel support is a darker shade of red that contrasts fantastically good with a lighter glass, creation for a sophisticated, deeply intriguing appearance.

Looking during a behind of a U11 true on, it appears mostly pink. Turn it on a side, and a behind potion taken on a golden hue. But since that potion has a peaceful bend to a sides, we never see a prosaic color, and a tilted edges seem as if they’ve been varnished into a lighter tint. we adore this demeanour for a frolic and comprehensive aberration among smartphones — it reminds me really many of a color-shifting paint pursuit on a Mercedes AMG-GT Concept we saw during a Geneva Motor Show this year.

I suspicion a smartphone pattern competition was mostly over, with everybody from Apple by Motorola, OnePlus, and even LG being a leader with mature, thoughtful, organic designs. But HTC has brought behind pattern as a differentiator with a U11: I feel drawn to this phone, we wish it in my hands and in my life.

But HTC’s masterpiece of comfortable colors would be for zilch if a phone itself didn’t work well, and my discreet unrestrained spilled over into undisguised pleasure when we found a U11 to be glorious in operation. It’s unerringly well-spoken and fast, a interface is hardly any opposite from Google’s possess Android Nougat UI, and I’m fondness how prolonged a battery lasts too.

My co-worker Dan Seifert reviewed this phone in abyss already, nonetheless we have to remonstrate with him on one point: a U11’s camera isn’t only good, it’s great. I’ve spent a past 24 hours dual-wielding a U11 and my Google Pixel, and a U11 has won many corresponding print comparisons. Anyone who’s review my prior merriment about a Pixel’s camera will conclude how large a step brazen HTC has taken to find itself in a position where I’d arrange a imaging forward of a Pixel. The benchmark gurus during DxOMark have given a HTC U11 a measure a singular indicate aloft than a Pixel — and even nonetheless we always contend benchmarks don’t tell a whole story, we have to determine with them on this count. The U11 is a initial phone I’ve nonetheless used that doesn’t make me skip a Pixel’s camera.

If a Solar Red HTC U11 was only a flattering bombard regulating a same aged disciplined Android, I’d have been a fan of it. I’d have praised HTC for a pattern and I’d have wished a association could get a rest of a smartphone act together — that is a thing I’ve been doing for a past half decade. But a U11 turns out to be an glorious phone to use, not only demeanour at; and it nails a one spec that we caring about some-more than any other today, that is a camera.

This is a large 5.5-inch phone, with corpulent shade bezels and no headphone jack, and we can’t move myself to protest about either. There’s too many fun and fun in holding and regulating a U11 for me to give a damn about a tiny inconveniences that customarily irritate me.

I already adore this phone, nonetheless some-more than that, we adore what it represents. HTC is back.

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