Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review: The First 4K HDR Smartphone

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Sony has had copiousness of hits in a mobile tech world, yet zero of them have been recent. In a US, Sony has struggled to recapture a excellence of a 70s and 80s when a industrial pattern was seen as second to none.

As prolonged as Sony has been creation Android smartphones, it usually hasn’t managed to mount out from a crowd—at least, not in terms of flagship phones here in a US. Sony doesn’t seem to follow a trends that come out of China and South Korea, yet instead walks by a kick of a possess drum—for good or bad.

The Xperia XZ Premium is a latest in Sony’s flagship phones, a line that has always been premium. But with a XZ Premium, a association unequivocally wants us to know that it’s a “premium” device, built with a many modernized technology. So is that unequivocally true? We take a demeanour subsequent to see how it binds up:

Hardware: An old-fashioned pattern with a shining display

In some ways, it’s bizarre to call a pattern of a XZ Premium “outdated.” When we see it in chairman or reason it in your hand, it’s not that there is one component in sold that creates it feel like a phone from a integrate years ago. After all, it’s got that intensely shiny, “mirror” finish, that is all kinds of glamorous.

Speaking of which, it’s tough not to give Sony props for perplexing something new. Just when we suspicion all had been attempted in terms of materials, textures, and finishes, we get something like this is that is totally unique. However, unless you’re someone who loves a thought of carrying a counterpart on a behind of your phone during all times, a finish is a distraction. It’s apparently a vast fingerprint magnet—more than any phone I’ve ever used. However, it unequivocally attracts looks in open in a same approach an costly square of valuables or wardrobe would. Perhaps for a certain demographic, that kind of thing is an appealing premise.

But even if carrying a counterpart for a phone sounds cold to you, there are a series of pattern choices here that mix to make it feel outdated. The many conspicuous ones are a oppressive edges, a vast bezels, a miss of a fingerprint scanner, and a far-reaching shoulders of this thing. It’s a heaviest flagship smartphone you’ll find on a marketplace and a miss of a home symbol or fingerprint scanner make a bezels feel even larger.

Speaking of a fingerprint scanner, it’s a genuine contrition that this device doesn’t have one. Sony has been doing this for years now in a US, yet this core square of record unequivocally has turn customary in many smartphones, generally if you’re going to call yourself a reward device. In a rest of a world, you’ll get a fingerprint scanner on a front of a device, yet in a US, it seems as if Sony sealed itself adult in how it sells unbarred phones in American markets. We don’t know a specifics of a details, yet whatever understanding Sony finished or didn’t make with US carriers is still vivid them.

A lot of these elements have been a partial of what Sony has finished with a Xperia smartphone line for years and years, that make them feel some-more like an conscious choice rather than indolence or stubbornness. Some people will impute to a pattern as a “classic” Sony design, yet sitting subsequent to phones like a Galaxy S8 and a iPhone 7, it seems officious old-school.

Even subsequent to something like a Google Pixel or a OnePlus 5, that feel flattering customary during this point, a Xperia XZ Premium is a large, massive device—especially deliberation a arrangement is usually 5.5 inches. It’s even somewhat thicker and heavier than a company’s prior effort, a Xperia Z5 Premium.

That being said, it does come with that great-looking IPS LCD arrangement with a violent 3840 × 2160 fortitude and eye-popping tone reproduction. That’s right—it’s a 4K HDR smartphone with a absurd 807 ppi (pixels per inch). It ties a company’s 2015 Xperia Z5 Premium, that was top fortitude smartphone ever made, by a prolonged shot. This is what we meant when we contend Sony operates on a possess personification field: it’s pulling approach forward in certain areas and totally lagging behind in others.

Before we give Sony too many credit though, it should be remarkable that we competence not notice a disproportion between a 4K smartphone, a 2K smartphone (such as a Galaxy S8 or a LG G6), or even an HD smartphone (such as a Google Pixel or a OnePlus 5). There are a integrate of situations where we competence notice a difference, such as when regulating a VR headset or when examination Amazon’s HDR video content, that does demeanour unequivocally sharp. As for VR content, you’re not removing loyal 4K graphics given many of a apps and games don’t describe in 4K, yet a super-high pixel firmness does make Daydream VR practice crook and some-more immersive.

The XZ Premium indeed usually switches to loyal 4K when it’s germane to safeguard that it’s not wasting changed battery life when it doesn’t matter. It has a sincerely vast 3230 mAh battery to energy all of those pixels, yet it’s smaller than what was on a Xperia Z5 Premium. If you’re entrance from something like a Galaxy S8, a 3230 mAh battery is a series that will greatfully many. From my time with a phone, we consistently got a full day’s value of complicated usage, surfaced off with a phone’s possess Stamina Mode when needed.

In terms of other specs, we unequivocally are removing a reward device: a latest SoC in a Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM—all waterproof IP68 certified. It’s substantially not going to blow divided anything we find on opposition inclination in terms of performance, yet a XZ Premium was unequivocally a rapid appurtenance in a contrast with several apps and games. According to GeekBench, it doesn’t utterly compare a opening numbers of a Galaxy S8, yet it fares good adequate opposite other identical flagships and hold adult good with each charge we threw during it.

Camera: Hello Slo-Mo

Like so many smartphone manufacturers, Sony is roving utterly a lot on a phone’s camera to pull interest. The XZ Premium come with 19-megapixel shooter on a behind and a 13-megapixel on a front. As with many smartphone cameras, a numbers don’t meant many when it comes to tangible performance.

For stills, we found a back camera to be suitable, yet zero special. I’m certain Sony has a totally means lens here, yet a ethereal change that is picture estimate isn’t utterly right. Especially in Auto mode, a estimate seems to be doing a bit too many when in comes to exposure. On splendid balmy days, a Auto mode tends to overexpose—and while in low light situations it fares a bit better, you’ll still finish adult with a bit of sound on your photos. The lens does a decent pursuit of focusing in macro shots, and while it’s a tiny inconsistent, we was tender by some of a macro shots we was means to take.

Sony’s camera app altogether is a bit disappointing. You can’t do HDR in Auto mode for starters, so for a many part, you’ll wish to do things in Manual mode, that can be unequivocally clunky. Other than that, there are a integrate some-more missteps here that don’t make many sense, generally given a cost of this phone. First is that a XZ Premium doesn’t come with visual picture stabilization, that is now even featured in a 4.7-inch iPhone 7. It creates a outrageous disproportion in picture peculiarity and there’s usually not unequivocally a good forgive for not including it here. Secondly, a phone has no support for RAW images. That’s not going to matter for many people, yet given Android now supports a record format (and other phones like a OnePlus 5 have adopted it), it’s a bit uncanny that Sony has incited it off.

Despite how Sony sells a phone, if we wish a best Android camera, you’ll have to demeanour elsewhere. However, if it’s an extraordinary slo-mo camera that we want, demeanour no further.

Outside of a HDR display, Sony’s Super Slo-Mo video mode is a headlining feature. We’ve had slo-mo video on a iPhone and a Galaxy phones for years now, yet what Sony has finished with a XZ Premium is a mile forward of a competition. The phone shoots delayed suit video in 960 frames per second, while formula in some flattering extraordinary slo-mo moments if we can constraint it. It all looks unequivocally professional, until we have to perspective it in 720p, that is a bit of a letdown. Overall though, if unequivocally cold slo-mo video is what we want, a XZ Premium is your best choice by far.


The Xperia XZ Premium comes with Android 7.1 Nougat, that is a freshest chronicle of a handling system. However, Sony has finished a series of things here to make it not feel like that’s what you’re getting. It’s got a possess skin over a OS and while it’s zero overly intrusive, it does make a knowledge feel a bit outdated.

These are going to sound nitpicky, yet things like refusing to change a Home symbol or app drawer are usually silly. Other tiny changes that worry me are a lengthened standing bar and navigation bar, as good as a lengthened notifications. And no offense to people who like Swype, yet can someone explain because we wouldn’t embody a pleasing Google Keyboard as a batch keyboard? Maybe it’s usually a vanilla Android fan in me talking, yet these sorts of changes seem distracting and nonessential in my eyes.

The partial many people will be articulate about are a horde of Sony apps that come pre-installed, many of that will be abandoned by many people. One thing we didn’t mind is that endorsed apps page in a app drawer that is indeed flattering useful and convenient.

Fortunately, Sony leaves a many critical tools of Nougat intact, many particularly notifications, a app switcher, Google Now, and Google Assistant. Unlike with Samsung, we don’t have a second partner to make things unnecessarily confusing. There are copiousness of Android skins out there that do distant worse things, so a XZ Premium gets a pass here. There’s always an event to supplement facilities that are indeed useful in these skins, yet we have to give Sony credit for confining itself when it comes to a software.

Most importantly, Sony has finished a decent pursuit of removing timely Android updates out to comparison devices. We’ll have to wait and see how Sony does removing Android O and Android P onto a XZ Premium.


After a check of a follow-up to a Xperia Z5 Premium, some fans were anticipating that Sony was going to reboot a line to update some of a pattern and features. Instead, a XZ Premium is a double-down on what Sony has been doing for years now. The 4K HDR arrangement and a Super Slo-Mo camera are some-more than gimmicks, yet they’re not utterly facilities that will sell phones.

The genuine problem with a Xperia XZ Premium isn’t a phone itself, it’s a foe that it stands against. When your pricetag is $799, we improved be prepared to contest opposite phones like a Galaxy S8, a iPhone 7, and even a LG G6. If Sony unequivocally wants to do something poignant in a smartphone space, it’s time a Xperia line gets a reboot—and please, no some-more X’s and Z’s this time.

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