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For a many partial we hang to reviewing smartphones here during Pocket-lint, though when a new 3310 was released, we couldn’t spin down a event to penetrate a teeth into a phone that plays on a aged nostalgia bone. For many of us, a strange 3310 was a one phone to get us vehement about mobile phones. In a day, it was unmatched for a portability, build quality, battery life and fun. It was irresistible.

Now, 17 years after a initial one was released, a phone landscape is unequivocally different. Everyone looks to costly smartphones now, that are radically unstable computers. This begs a doubt – nostalgia aside – is there any genuine reason for a new 3310 to exist?

  • 115.6 x 51 x 12.88mm
  • 3310-esque support around display
  • Red, blue, yellow and grey options

From a front, a new 3310 does demeanour something like a aged model. Its particular light grey oval buttons are similar, and a colour-matched support around a shade is a same figure as a original. It even comes in some of a same renouned colours: red, navy and yellow. But that’s flattering many where a cultured similarities end.

A new handling complement has meant a new symbol blueprint on a front. Below a shade there’s a executive block name symbol surrounded by skinny support that acts as a four-directional pad. That’s flanked by twin dual purpose buttons. The right is a energy off/hang adult symbol on a bottom, and a symbol to name that ever choice is displayed on a right side of a display. The left is a job button, and a symbol to name whatever choice is on a left of a display.

Compare that to a original, that had one executive button, a “C” (back/cancel) symbol on a left, and a up/down navigation symbol on a right.

With 17 years of growth in a industry, components have spin many smaller than they were in 2000 when a initial 3310 was launched. That means Nokia has been means to slim down a phone. A lot. The new 3310 is about half a firmness of a original, meaning, it’s about a same firmness as a detachable behind cover of a initial model.

Perhaps disappointingly, a behind cover is nowhere nearby as easy to mislay as a aged one. While you’re ostensible to be means to usually lift it off from a bottom, we couldn’t, and had to review to adhering a plectrum in where you’re ostensible to lift from, and levering it up, divided from a behind that way. It’s a distant cry from being means to usually pull adult from a bottom with a singular thumb.

That’s not a biggest change on a back, however. There’s a camera there now, finish with LED flash, right above a Nokia trademark in a tip third. It’s value noting, it’s usually a 2-megapixel camera and it’s bound focus, so picture peculiarity is bad and it can’t concentration on anything tighten up. Not that it’s a vital down indicate – after all, it’s not expected you’ll be uploading it anywhere. The usually approach to share a photos is regulating Bluetooth or MMS.

Perhaps some-more unsatisfactory however is a miss of inner storage in a phone. We took 6 photos with a camera and afterwards a phone was totally full. That means, on tip of profitable £50 for a elementary phone, you’ll need to go out and buy a memory card too to save your photos and song to.

  • Traditional phone series pad
  • Predictive T9 texting
  • Backlit keys

One thing we’ve all spin accustomed to in a epoch of smartphones is typing on program QWERTY keyboard. The fact is, program keys are some-more versatile, and predictive content is indeed helpful. Swapping behind to a T9 keyboard is something of a training curve.

Just like aged Nokias, we switch between typing modes regulating a crush pivotal (yes, it had a duty before Twitter – it also had a duty before mobile phones, though that’s unimportant). Press it to switch between predictive and non-predictive, top and reduce box typing.

For those who never had to continue a T9 keyboard, a buttons are laid out like a unchanging phone keyboard, with 3 letters reserved to scarcely all of them. Only 7 and 9 have more; they have 4 each. In predictive mode, we usually need to press any pivotal once for any minute of a word. For instance, form “Pocket” by drumming 7, 6, 2, 5, 3, 8. Providing that “Pocket” is a many used multiple of letters from those keys, tapped in that order, it would come up.

If your preferred word isn’t a initial up, we can cycle by a accessible options by regularly drumming a asterisk pivotal until a one we wish appears.

We were astounded how fast we picked adult a typing again, although, we were usually as undone by perplexing to figure out punctuation as we were behind during a spin of a millennium when predictive T9 typing took off. We didn’t utterly get behind to a early 2000s touch-typing skills, though it wasn’t unequivocally many slower than typing divided on an iPhone keyboard.

  • 2.4-inch colour display
  • 240 x 320 resolution

Those anticipating for a monochrome, list-based menu complement with elementary animations for any territory will unhappy by a handling complement on a new Nokia 3310. There’s a elementary menu of options and apps, and it’s grid based, and colour. It’s shown off on 2.4-inch shade with a 240 x 320 resolution, 167 pixel per in. firmness panel. That means it has fewer pixels than many complicated smartwatches, that’s to say, it’s utterly pixellated.

The list of apps includes a common elementary collection. There’s Messaging, Contacts, Photos, Call Log, Camera and – of march – Snake (among others). As a side note: don’t get your hopes adult that this chronicle of Snake is a same as a aged version. In fact, it’s not unequivocally like Snake or Snake II (which was on a strange 3310).

There’s also an Opera-based mobile browser, that loads unequivocally elementary versions of web pages over GPRS. That’s right, no 3G and unequivocally no 4G LTE here. Still, a chances are that if we wanted to crop a web, you’d substantially be looking for a smartphone.

There’s a radio which, like a ancient days, requires we to block in a headset to use as a FM antenna. There’s also music, and a ability to download and implement elementary apps and games, though those need we to make use of a microSD label slot.

Using a phone over a weekend, it shortly dawned on us that so many friends and family use possibly iMessage, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for communication, that even a elementary phone for elementary communication is limited, because, in a complicated day, anticipating people who still use SMS is removing harder.

Still, whatever we use a phone for, we never have to worry that you’ll pull it tough adequate to empty a battery in a day. There’s no Wi-Fi or high speed mobile internet of any kind, and there’s no large, pixel unenlightened arrangement or absolute processor to empty a battery. That means a 1,200mAh is good for adult to 22 hours of plain talktime, and a standby adult to 744 hours. That’s one month of pristine standby time.


For many people, a 3310 isn’t going to be a phone we buy as a primary mobile device. Its functions are approach too limited, and deliberation how inexpensive smartphones are removing these days, a £50 cost indicate won’t feel inexpensive adequate to make a cost assets tantalizing either. Even as basic, no-frills device, it feels singular and expensive. You could buy a Nokia 150 – as an instance – and save yourself £30.

However, there are those for whom a smartphone does too much. Or maybe those who like a thought that they can unplug from amicable media, get divided from time-consuming apps and usually hang to plain aged content and phone calls, even if usually for a weekend.

For those people, supposed they have a lustful memory of a aged model, a new 3310 competence be ideal. But those people are few and distant between we suspect, and those who do finish adult shopping one will expected do it as a totally guileless purchase, and a phone will finish adult outworn in a sock drawer for months during a time, or usually upheld off to a reduction tech savvy crony or relative.

It’s tough to see a 3310 as anything other than selling for Nokia, who would adore we to know it’s creation phones again. People who wish a simple, elementary phone, can get one many cheaper than this rebooted classic. People who like a nostalgia feels won’t unequivocally get those from this phone, and those who unequivocally wish a 3310 can buy a refurbished strange one off eBay for during slightest half a cost of a 2017 model.

We enjoyed unplugging for a few days and usually being means to call and content a name few people, though it’s not a ideal phone.

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