Guardiola: “We’ll have to play a great game to take the title”

Pep Guardiola doesnt doubt his players and hopes that theyll play better than they did in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in Madrid. The manager hopes that the fans at the Camp Nou will help them win the title.

Guardiola: We'll have to play a great game to take the title

FC Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola, was very clear during the press conference prior to the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid. “They were better than us, but in three days weve improved a bit” said Guardiola. Pep felt that “our mentality helped us get a good result”. garbage disposal repair marietta . Macys Coupon Code . In this regard, as he already said last Sunday after the game, Guardiola is pleased with how his men behaved “under the circumstances”. The Barca managers thinking is very clear, that “we must play a great game to take the title”. FasterHe knows that playing against Real Madrid is not easy but among the keys to winning the game and taking the title, Guardiola believes that “we have to move the ball faster than in the first leg”.What is not clear is whether the starting lineup will be the same as we saw in Madrid. grand auto denver . “We’ll see how they are and whether well start the same players or make changes. Were managing the minutes and the players physical shape”, but he warned that “I believe in the mentality and competitive spirit of this team to try to win the game”.The fans, the 12th playerGuardiola knows that the fans can play a key role in the match against Madrid and thanked them in advance for the efforts made to buy tickets and be at the game. “When the legs begin to fail, the fans will help us” said the manager. He added that “I cant remember a stadium against Madrid with not so many fans. Ticket sales are going well and we thank the people who support us”.Cescs involvement not ruled outOne of the topics in the conference was the arrival of Cesc and his possible participation on Wednesday. Guardiola has not ruled him out but is cautious. He took the opportunity to thank the Board for the signings for this season.As for Alexis, Guardiola, who emphasized his humility, and not to expect anything in return, said that in Madrid “Alexis ran like six players. It’s the best hes given us so far and we hope he brings lot to the team”.

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