From 4,000 to 18,000 participants in FCB Camps

There has been a 400% increase in attendance of official Bara summer schools (FCB Camp) with respect to last year. More than 18,000 children are enjoying the summer camps organised by FC Barcelona.

From 4,000 to 18,000 participants in FCB Camps

The Bara model is expanding around the world, and the FCB Camps are the finest example of this growing interest in learning more about the Bara model through hands-on experience. Objectives of the campuses CAMPUS_CIUTAT_ESPORTIVA_002.JPGThe official FC Barcelona campuses offer the opportunity to learn about football skills and tactics in accordance with the same methods that are used with the Bara youth teams.Children registering for the FCB Camps take part in parallel training, leisure and recreation activities related with football and Bara.The camps encourage coexistence between school age boys and girls from different origins, cultures and concerns, but who all share the same passion for football and Bara.The coaches do not only work on football issues, but also ensure the children get proper hygiene and diet. One of the aims of these campuses is to transmit the same values that FC Barcelona represents.Official campuseslogocampusoficial.JPGIn Catalonia, Bara organises what are called Campus Sport (INEF Barcelona,Reus, LAtmella de Mar, Tona iPrades). Also in Mallorca.In the rest of Spain, the campuses are located in Cands (Asturias), Quintanar de la Orden (La Mancha), Fornelos de Montes (Galicia) and La Nucia (Alicante).Bara also has international campuses in different countries: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, England (London), Luxemburg, Italy, Croatia, USA (Los Angeles and Miami), Japan, Korea and Ireland.In the coming months, there will also be FCB Camps in Colombia, El Salvador, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and other cities of theUSA.All campuses that have this logo on their websites are official FC Barcelona campuses. Atlanta Driveway Replacement . Plasma TVs . These campuses are always redirected to an official address: the name of the campusThe logo and official image of the campus is also a means of checking that the FCB Camp is official and valid. There is also an email address that you can use if you have any doubts or queries in relation to the official FC Barcelona campuses: [email protected]Strategic locationsThe choice of venues of FC Barcelona official campuses is based on strategic criteria.The director general of FCB Escola, Xevi Marc, understands that wed like to get everywhere, but thats impossible. Bara looks for strategic locations based on the relevance of the places, the synergies with sponsors and also to promote the brand.Marc highlights what is so unique about Baras camps: we dont sell the brand, we control the sporting aspects and the values. recycled glass jars . From the moment the children arrive to the moment they leave, we are not only interested in what they learn technically, but also the way they behave, their habits, the way they deal with colleagues and monitorsMarc feels FCB Camps are the extension of the values and football coaching used at La Masia, we export them to the rest of the world by meticulously controlling things from Barcelona, where FCB Escola has its headquarters.The youth coaching factoryMarc and Jordi Rovira were the main men behind the creation of FCB Escola in 2003. The School grew out of the Bara Social Tournament, which produced such players as Gerard Piqu and Vctor Valds.In these eight years, 65 children have progressed from the FCB Escola to the clubs own youth system. 14 coaches have also been promoted during this period, including most recently Jordi Prez, who after working at the FCB Escola is now the coach of Baras Benjam D team.Given all the above, Marc is quite right to describe the FCB Escola as a youth coaching factory.

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