Google Pixel battery life is amazing

October 18th, 2016


One critical doubt that smartphone shoppers always ask when selecting their subsequent device: how is a battery life? That’s because a list of Android Phones with a Best Battery Life is so popular. With a Google Pixel phone shipping in only a few days, one large doubt on everyone’s mind is how prolonged it will last.

It seems one Reddit user got their hands on a device before launch and spilled their courage after a weekend event with Google’s Nexus-killer. Here are his battery stats after a full-day of use:

Those are some flattering extraordinary stats! What’s comforting – presumption this is a legit exam on an tangible Pixel – is that it was finished in a real-life unfolding where all a device’s capabilities were enjoyed including the camera, navigation, moody mode, phone, and WiFi.

As we can see, tip battery hogs embody a screen, a OS, Waze, Android System, Google Services, and Phone idle. They were mostly connected to mobile information solely for what appears to be 2 flights including a layover after that it seems they probably flipped on their GPS to navigate around their new locale.

The user mentioned a above activity was logged from 9AM to 10:30PM but charging. That’s 12 hours of real-world use with 40% battery life left, estimated to yield them with an additional 8 hours of juice, definition it’s expected a Google Pixel can simply final a full day with 20+ hours of battery life. Read a rest of this entrance »

iPhone 7 opening trounces each other smartphone on a …

October 13th, 2016


The iPhone 7 was ostensible to be something of a snoozer, zero some-more than a comparatively tedious ascent whose primary purpose was to reason us over until subsequent year’s redesigned iPhone 8.

In truth, a iPhone 7 is a constrained device in a possess right. Packed with implausible new camera technologies, softened battery life and insanely quick hardware, Apple’s next-gen smartphone fast valid to be most some-more renouned than roughly anyone anticipated.

If you’re a stream iPhone owners and are debating either or not we should upgrade, you’ve positively examination your satisfactory share of iPhone 7 reviews during this point. If we still occur to be on a fence, AnandTech’s new iPhone 7 examination competence be only what we need to pull we over a edge.

AnandTech’s iPhone reviews are well-regarded for being impossibly informative, technical and detailed, generally when it comes to equipment like hardware research and altogether complement performance.

Now it’s no tip that Apple’s iPhone 7 models are comprehensive screamers, and a latest benchmarks offer to endorse what we’ve already famous for a few weeks: a iPhone 7 is a fastest smartphone on a marketplace by a far-reaching margin. AnandTech ran a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus by a gauntlet of hardware contrast and both inclination checked in during series 1 and series 2 in scarcely each singular test.

Now to be fair, it’s not as if a iPhone 7 outperformed each singular smartphone out there opposite all categories. With honour to battery life, for example, a iPhone 7 Plus had some unbending competition. With honour to battery life while browsing a web on LTE, a iPhone 7 Plus came in fourth, ranking behind a Huawei Mate 8, a Galaxy S7 Edge and a Galaxy Note 7 (RIP). Read a rest of this entrance »

Apple Inc. iPhone 8 Predictions

October 3rd, 2016


Although a Apple iPhone 7 array smartphones usually recently launched, convincing rumors surrounding a iDevice maker’s next-generation iPhone — that many design to be called a iPhone 8 — are already circulating.

The latest set of rumors comes from a generally arguable (and always interesting) Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities. There’s some engaging things here, so let’s see what he has to say.

Glass bodies with steel frames

Kuo expects that subsequent year’s iPhones will underline potion backs with steel frames, as phones with all-glass framework aren’t now possibly “given technological bottlenecks.”

The researcher expects that Apple’s some-more mainstream smartphones will underline aluminum frames while some-more reward models might be differentiated by a use of some-more costly — though, according to a analyst, some-more aesthetically appreciative — immaculate steel frames.

Kuo says one of a pivotal reasons Apple wants to pierce to potion is that producing a silken finish that’s now used in a renouned black variants of a iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is difficult. He cites production yields of between 60% and 70%. He also points out that a potion behind will concede for “better blemish resistance,” something that he claims will “improve user satisfaction.”

A integrate of business takeaways

It’s utterly engaging that Apple appears to be formulation to some-more aggressively shred a product portfolio. This is frequency a new use in a universe of consumer electronics, though such segmentation actions are comparatively new to Apple’s iPhone business.

I think that there are a integrate of pivotal business realities pushing Apple to be some-more assertive on this front. Read a rest of this entrance »

The iPhone 7 is a best iPhone given a iPhone 6S

September 23rd, 2016

Before a Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were even released, rumors swirled that a phones would be underwhelming, and maybe even boring. And afterwards on theatre in California dual weeks ago, Apple denounced something unequivocally identical to what many people already carried in their pockets: The iPhone 7, from a outside, looks awfully identical to a dual iPhone models that preceded it.

The Apple iPhone 7 is a good excellence on an already proven design, even if it wasn’t a large renovate that consumers have come to design from Apple phones each dual years. The 7 has a nicer camera, a faster processor, a somewhat improved battery and some-more storage space—all things that a patron competence design when Apple releases an “S” chronicle of one of a models. This is not an overhaul, though roughly like a sentimental supplement to a successful film that we didn’t unequivocally expect, though aren’t quite angry or preoccupied by. It’s like Toy Story 3.

Whether we need a new iPhone in your life will unequivocally count on how most we feel a need to have a newest gadgets in your pocket, or if you’re due for an upgrade. There’s zero groundbreaking about a new iPhone, though also zero quite terrible either.

What’s good

The camera. At initial blush, a iPhone 7 Plus, with a dual cameras, seems to be where Apple spent a infancy of a time upgrading this phone over a final one. The cinema shot from a 12-megapixel cameras are sharper, a colors deeper, and videos are distant some-more fast than on aged iPhones. Read a rest of this entrance »